5 Reasons Why Changing your Oil is So Important

Motor oil is the shield of your engine! Regular oil changes can be one of the most significant ways to extend the life of your vehicle. Period.

Oil keeps your engine running smoothly and keeps crucial engine components running cool by transferring heat away but it also cleans the inside of your engine of deposits and debris.

To understand the importance of regular oil changes, we have compiled a list of the top five reasons to have an oil change:

1. Oil Stress

Because of high operating temperatures, oil experiences a thermal breakdown. The thermal breakdown wears on the oils additives and lubrication. When the lubrication wears down, parts of the engine may begin to rub against each other causing dysfunction and a shorter life span for your engine.

2. Combustion Gunk

Combustion gunk can do major damage to your engine and makes your car run less efficiently. Gunk occurs when there are corrosive byproducts that build up in your oil over time. Gunk left for a long period of time can cause your engine to overheat, leaving you with a major bill.

3. Corrosion

Along with sludge, that is naturally produced by combustion, your oil can also accumulate debris such as water, dirt and dust. This debris can actually corrode the inside of your engine. By keeping fresh oil, you clean out any oil with saturated debris.

4. Clogged Filters

When you have your oil changed you will also get a new filter. The filter works to keep the sludge from reaching your engine. But if the filter is not changed regularly, it too becomes clogged with particles from old oil, dirt or combustion sludge and decreases the amount of good oil that gets to your engine. A decreased amount of oil to your engine could kill it.

5. Leaks

Over time some cars can leak gasoline or coolant into the oil. While this is rare, you wouldn’t be able to tell if this is occurring unless you had a an oil change. These leaks can seriously contaminate your oil which will, overtime, damage your engine.

The bottom line is to take the best care of your vehicle as possible. The easiest way to do that is to check the oil often and to have your oil changed regularly. Most change their oil every 3000 miles or 3 months. If you are using a synthetic oil you can go 5000 miles or every 5 months.

Don’t ever discredit an oil change as just a basic thing because it really is the foundation all maintenance. The benefits of having your oil changed far outweigh the price you will pay if you don’t. Paying for an oil change is a lot cheaper than paying for a new engine.

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