Power Steering Service

For most of us, it is hard to remember life without power steering – cranking those great big steering wheels? It was a pretty good workout. Now power steering is standard. The heart of any power steering system is its pump. The pump pressurizes the power steering fluid that provides assist for steering. Most pumps are driven by a belt that is run by the engine – a few are electrically powered. A high-pressure hose passes fluid from the pump to the steering gear. A low pressure hose returns the fluid back to the pump. These hoses can develop leaks, so it is a good idea to inspect them at every oil change. Low fluid can damage the power steering pump. That is why fluid level is on the checklist for a full-service oil change. The fluid needs to be compatible with the hoses and seals, so check your owners’ manual for the right type – or just ask your service technician. The fluid cleans, cools and lubricates ... read more

Hands-Free Devices to Avoid Cell Phone Use While Driving

See if any of these phone apps or devices can help you keep your hands on the steer wheel and your eyes on the road. I have noticed I have had to give a quick touch to the horn to get the drive in the lane next to me to stop coming into my lane because they are messing with their phone. Most all of us do it but spend some time and see if any new phone apps or phone devices can help you out. Hands-Free Driving Devices Several hands-free devices have hit the market and made for a safer driving experience. Hands-Free Calling for Vehicles (Like OnStar) OnStar revolutionized the way to place phone calls and receive help with hands-free driving in GM vehicles. Since then, several other models have come on the market to make hands-free calling available to everyone. Hands-free calling is not only helpful for when you’re lost or needing to find an address, but the system also allows you to “call home” or “call mom” with ... read more

Automotive New Year’s Resolutions For 2013

Do you make New Year’s Resolutions? Do you promise to lose weight? Eat better? Be nicer? Read a book that doesn’t have a vampire in it? We all make promises to ourselves to live better but how about your car? How about this year you make a few resolutions for your friend in the driveway? Fix those little things before they become bigger things. That noise under the hood isn’t going away no matter how high you turn the radio. Give it some love now and then. Routine maintenance will go a long way toward keeping your car on the road. Don’t neglect oil changes, proper tire care, even windshield wiper replacements. Keep it clean. If you have a long commute you’ll have a nicer one if you don’t have to stare at (or smell) Taco Bell wrappers, newspapers, old mail or toddler drippings. And you’ll avoid the stare at ... read more

Are You A Defensive Driver?

If you’ve ever driven a car you’ve probably seen the Multi-Tasking Driver. They’re the ones who think they can eat, read, apply makeup, text, talk, dress (or undress) and deal with the kids all while keeping an eye on the road and reloading the CD player. 18% of injury crashes in 2010 were reported as distraction-affected crashes. Distracted driving isn’t good for anyone. Then there are the drivers who take it really personally. They can be aggressive or even angry if they don’t get their way on the road. These drivers cause one third of all traffic crashes. The worst is the inebriated driver and whether its drugs or alcohol they are a major danger to others on the streets and highways. Almost half of all drivers who were killed in crashes and tested positive for drugs also had alcohol in their system. But there are also drivers who just aren’t paying attention and wander in and out of l ... read more

7 Safe Driving Mobile Apps

Most parents usually train their children how to drive during their teenage years. Teenage driving brings a lot of freedom to the teenagers and some of them do not fully understand the need to exercise safe driving practices. Most teenagers are not even aware that unsafe driving practices could actually lead to death or serious injuries. Much of this is related to the idea of “that would never happen to me.” If there’s one thing a teen can’t seem to live without, it’s their smartphone. This article will highlight how teens and parents can effectively use mobile applications to ensure that they exercise safe driving while training. 7 Safe Driving Mobile Apps Text Arrest is a mobile app that helps to deactivate the text message or email function in the smartphone of a teenager. This is aimed to help the teenager maintain focus on the road while training and helps avoid accidents. This application works by closing the phone’s screen, ensuring that no text ... read more

Kansas City Summer Road Construction

Summer’s quickly approaching! As you head out with the family to baseball or soccer games, the Zoo and your favorite parks, avoid traffic by knowing which roads will be under construction in Kansas City this summer. Kansas City Road Construction This Summer According to MoDOT and KSDOT, the following Kansas City roads will have construction into June and beyond. Plan your Trip with the Kansas City Scout Before you head out to drive around the Kansas City Metro, or even across the state(s), check out Kansas City Scout first. They provide great links and information so you can prepare for, and plan, your trip. Check out Kansas City Scout. Driving with Caution through Road Construction If you do get caught driving through construction areas, it’s import ... read more

Our Sallas Family Road Trip ~ Packing The Car Extravaganza!

Nick and I love a good road trip. Being passionate about cars, we love to hit the road and drive somewhere fun. One of our road trips involved a trip to Iowa. I helped get all of our bags packed, for me and the kids, and then started to take them to the car. You know how it goes – mom gets the bags ready and dad loads the car. Well, Nick had put my 3rd row seats down to try and create more room for our bags. I came out to bring the last bag and realized that it was not going to work. Although putting the seats down created more room, it also created a safety hazard. If you put your 3rd row down and then you can put them “in a up position” that is fine. But he had them flat so there was no barrier between us and and bags. (That is my dad coming out in me!) Anyway… In the event we had to hit the brakes hard, ALL that loose luggage would fly forward quickly. This wasn’t safe, nor a good way to pack the car. It’s not safe to have a 30 lb bag rushing toward you and your passengers in t ... read more

Keep Your Tires Rolling

Proper tire care and maintenance is a vital part of car care as well as a safety issue. But it’s sometimes the last thing we think of when we’re driving unless we have a flat. These days keeping your car going those extra miles means keeping an eye on your tires. Air pressure: Measured in pounds per square inch, also known as PSI. Under-inflating tires can result in reduced mileage and shorter tire life. Heed the recommendations on the side of the tire and keep your PSI within 5-10 pounds of this. Balance: Keeping your tires balanced prolongs the life of the tire as well as improves your gas mileage. Tread: Good tread not only makes a safer tire it also decreases the rolling resistance that increases fuel economy. Proper tire maintenance keeps your car on the road. Rotation: Front tires wear out almost twice as f ... read more

Get Your Car Ready For Spring and Summer

If you were to look out the window to see our late March snow on the ground you might not be thinking about spring but it is definitely on its way. And soon enough, summer will be here and time to put the top down and have some fun. But before you start planning your summer road trip there are a few things you should do to revive your winter-weary automobile in preparation for warm weather. The smartest thing you can do is take your car to an ASE certified repair service (hint: Sallas Auto Repair) for a check up. They can catch those little problems before they become more costly repairs. Check out the battery. Winter is hard on them and they can become drained. Look over belts, clamps and hoses for signs of wear, cracking or fraying. Check the brakes. They can become corroded by cold winter conditions and salt on the road. How was your AC working last summer? If you r ... read more

Extending the life of your tires

It’s extremely important to take good care of your tires, and the easiest way to do it is to keep them aired up to the proper pressure. We know you’ve heard it before, maybe from your dad, maybe from your auto repair technician, maybe on a commercial. But that doesn’t make it any less true! Your tires are your first line of defense in vehicle safety, for you and your passengers. They’re (hopefully) the only part of your car connecting it to the ground, think about the relevance of that. When you apply your brakes to stop or slow down the car, your tires are just as responsible for making the car respond as your brake system is. On the outside of every tire is the Department of Transportation number. It will begin with the letters DOT and may contain up to 12 additional numbers & letters. The first & last digits are the most imporant as the first 2 letters/numbers identify the tire manufacturer. The last 3 or 4 digits represent when the tires were produced- now ... read more

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