Car Care Tip #9 – Car Crash Facts – Find the Center Lane & Slow Down!

Driving is even more demanding these days…

Here are some driving facts & tips to keep you safe:

Rural Roads are the Most Dangerous - Slow Down

Rural Roads are the Most Dangerous
Slow Down – Speed is a Big Part of that Problem

First…facts on deadly crashes:

  • 39% of deadly crashes involve speed.
  • 31% of deadly crashes involve alcohol impaired drivers
  • 60% of them take place on rural roads – two lane roads outside the city limits.
  • 24% of crashes are weather related.
  • 88% of deadly crashes involve a driver age 21 and over – so only 12% involve teenager drivers.
60% of Deadly Car Crashes Happen on Rural Roads

60% of Deadly Car Crashes Happen on Rural Roads

Second…Driving Tips:
  • Stick to the center lane on the freeways. Rear-end crashes happen less there than the other lanes.
  • The slow lane always has the most action and opportunity for contact with another vehicle increases.
  • Every time you change lanes you add risk.
  • Distractions inside the vehicle WILL increase your chances of being involved in accident.
  • Texting, Facebook & Twitterare a huge part of the distractions & add up to almost 1/4 of auto collisions today (1.3 million crashes).
  • Research shows more collisions or near avoidable collisions occur on Monday from 4 p.m. – 5 p.m. than any other time or day of the week.

Be Safe!

Have a Wonderful Day ~ From the Sallas Team!
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Thanks so much ~ Carla Sallas

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