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Car Car Clinics

Have you ever wondered what’s included in a 52-point inspection of your vehicle? Sallas Auto Repair’s Car Care Clinics are your chance to find out exactly that, plus a great deal more. Held a few times a year, Car Care Clinics are free to attend and extremely informative, recommended for men, women, teens, elderly, single folk & married couples. They’re recommended for anyone who drives! We go over an abundance of material, ranging from what to do in case of an accident, to how to choose an honest & reputable auto repair shop. Wary of buying used cars? Come to our clinic & we’ll go over step-by-step instructions in how to find a great car at a great price. Not buying the whole “preventative maintenance” thing? After spending the morning at our clinic you’ll understand why it’s the key to making your car go well beyond it’s average mileage, all while keeping you and your family safe and happy on the road. After our owners ... read more

Sallas Auto Car Care Clinics

Just as modern medicine helps keep us healthier and live longer; today’s auto industry now produces vehicles that can last 300-400,000 miles or more if properly maintained. To help customers get the most life out of their vehicles, Sallas Auto hosts car clinics that educate drivers to about their cars, and the safety importance and cost savings associated with preventive maintenance. About Our Car Clinics We began our car clinics 13 years ago after identifying a need for drivers to understand their cars. Originally the clinics started as a women-focused clinic. We recognized that too many women were being taken advantage of at auto repair shops. We began our clinics as a way to educate customers about proper car maintenance so that women and men alike would not be taken advantage of when it came to regular and preventative maintenance. Car Care Clinic Topics At a car car clinic, participants hear a presentation from Nick Sallas about car maintenance. Nick explains ... read more

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