Have A Plan Stan... Don’t Scrimp on Vehicle Maintenance OR Roadside Assistance

AAA members have just that -a plan! Actually AAA has 3 plans you can choose from that are $58, $84 or $110 per year.

When you are on the side of the road there is a good chance you will need a tow truck. The average tow bill runs about $85. You could spend that for a yearly membership that includes a whole list of roadside benefits and discounts.

Secondly, A well-maintained vehicle not only last longer, it also retains more of its resale value, helps avoid roadside breakdowns and costly repairs.

“It’s tempting to avoid car maintenance, but that’s not a financially sound method to manage the big investment you’ve made in your vehicle,” notes Tony Molla, VP of communications for the nonprofit National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE). “Surveys of our certified technicians show that a well-maintained vehicle lasts longer, retains more of its resale value, pollutes less, and gets better mileage than one that’s been neglected — 

to say nothing of being safer to operate.”     Much of the guesswork on a maintenance plan has been removed as you have a specific maintenance plan from the vehicle manufacturer. We recommend partnering with your Service Advisor to make a 6-12 month maintenance plan.    

Many car owners spend little time or no time preparing for annual scheduled maintenance. The car’s service manual is the best way to learn how to maintain your vehicle. The second best way is to have your Service Advisor print it out, and go over the details with you as some of these services overlap.

In most cases, routine maintenance is most often an oil and filter change, tire rotation and various inspections. Routine maintenance becomes more involved every 30,000 miles.

Here is an example of a 60,000 miles maintenance:

The oil and filter change is one of the mostimportant type of maintenance and is the most frequent. Next is a tire rotation with every other or every oil change, depending on how long you go on an oil change. Then, balance and alignment of tires once a year. Fluids that should be inspected every other oil change are: brake, transmission, coolant and power steering.

On your next visit you may want to go over your next 6-12 month plan for your vehicle with one of our experienced professional Service Advisors!

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